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Personal Information

Email: vibhaj8 [at] gmail [dot] com Telephone: +91 9235 312 784 Blog URL: Freenode IRC Nick: vibhaj

University and Education: Pursuing final year of M. Tech. course in Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi.

Why work with SMC ?

I was quite amazed after exploring the SMC initiative and the technologies developed for achieving the objectives. Thus, I became interested to contribute my best to the organization. Further, I am inclined to work in Javascript and Python and have good experience in both the languages for past 3-4 years. Being from Kerala myself, I find working for SMC an exciting opportunity and learning experience.

Do you have any past involvement with the Swathanthra Malayalam Computing or another open source project as a contributor?

I do not have past involvement with Swathanthra Malayalam Computing before. But I have contributed to Duraspace open source project couple of years before. Further, all of my own projects are open source and I maintain them on GitHub.

Did you participate with the past GSoC programs, if so which years, which organizations?

Yes, I had participated in GSoC 2011 for Duraspace organization on the project "DSpace Client UI built over RESTful API". More information can be found here.

Do you have other obligations between May and August ?

I do not have any engagements between May and August and shall be dedicating as much time as required to the development of the project. I am ready to give my best to the completion of the project. I assure you of not leaving any stone untouched for the smooth completion of the project within the stipulated time.

Will you continue contributing/ supporting the Swathanthra Malayalam Computing after the GSoC 2013 program, if yes, which area(s), you are interested in?

Yes, in the best possible way, I would love to keep contributing to improve SMC and fulfill its objectives and visions. From my current knowledge, I would be happy to contribute in SILPA, flask and UI components though after getting more involved with SMC through a GSoC experience, I may get interested to work on more areas.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?

I am enthusiastic about working in open source communities. I am quick learner and always looking for opportunities to learn new things. I have many of the skills and experience suited to work on the above project, others which I am ready to explore and acquire through the project. In addition, I am very much interested to work in JavaScript (especially jQuery) and Python environments and have been working in such environments for a long time. I believe this project is a golden opportunity to apply my skills and develop new ones and at the same time contribute to a dynamic open community.

Proposal Description

The project aims to improve and enhance SILPA project by adding support for functionalities related to localization and internationalization.

This project has the following targets:

Improve webfonts module in SILPA UI using jquery webfonts library, adding new fonts and rewriting the API Design a templating system for SILPA flask with internalization support using jquery.i18n library and other libraries Add support for text input in indian languages using jquery.ime library


I plan to implement them as follows:

Get familiar with SILPA and flask framework Integrate jquery webfonts in SILPA module Add more fonts to SILPA webfonts Redesign the fonts API for external use Document usage and provide font preview and download options Design and implement templating system with i18n for ported modules in flask Integrate jquery.ime library Testing and Documentation

Project Timeline

Week 1-2 : Understand SILPA and flask framework. Learn about interface and find out where the additions are required. This would broaden by knowledge about SILPA and related technologies and would help me design and integrate components correctly.

Week 3-4 : Integrate jquery webfonts in the SILPA module. Add new fonts and redesign the API to make it more cleaner for external clients to access it easily.

Week 5: Document API usage and implement font preview and download options.

Week 6-7 : Design and implement templating system with i18n support for ported modules in flask. About 70% of the targets would be achieved by now.

Mid Term Evaluations

Week 7-8: Integrating jquery.ime library. By this time, the project would be almost done.

Week 9 : Testing and bug fixes and final improvements.

Week 10 : Documentation and final project submission.

Regular updates to mentor as decided shall be given regarding my progress with the project on a weekly basis.

Link to proposal on SMC Wiki

Past Experience

Software Engineer Intern at Yahoo! (Feb-Apr 2013) Developed trending buzz engine and dynamic quiz generation platform using structured graph data Technologies: Python, PHP, Django, MySQL, Neo4j, jQuery, HTML5, CSS

Fiber Graph Data Store for Cloud (Dec 2011-Apr 2013) Developed a large-scale data storage system for clouds as part of M. Tech. thesis Technologies: Python, PHP, JSON, jQuery

GSoC 2011 for Duraspace (May-Aug 2011) Implemented a UI completely in JavaScript over DSpace REST API Technologies: REST, jQuery, HTML, CSS

Simple Userspace Distributed File System (Oct-Nov 2010) Implemented a distributed file system over the network using FUSE library Technologies: C, FUSE, Sockets

Online Data Visualization System (Dec 2009-Jan 2010) Developed an online system for visualizing data and generating reports Selected for IBM The Great Mind Challenge 2009 face to face evaluations Technologies: Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS

Technical Skills and Experience

Languages : C, C++, Python, PHP, JavaScript, XML, SQL Technologies : Java EE, jQuery, MySQL, Django, HTML, CSS, JSON, REST, RDF, Git, DOM

About Me

Father : Shri. Rajan Mother : Smt. Prabha Rajan Languages : English, Hindi and Malayalam