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Google Summer of Code 2013 Proposal for Swathanthra Malalayalam Computing Project:"Internationalize SILPA project with Wikimedia jquery projects, Improve the webfonts module in Silpa using jquery.webfonts and provide more Indic and complex fonts as part of it by PRANJAL DAGA

According to, SILPA (rewritten in Flask framework) is a web framework and a set of applications for processing Indian Languages in many ways. The following things can lead to a stable and better framework for SILPA: Currently Silpa provides 36 webfonts and the potential GSoC student needs to add more fonts to this collection. I think that this idea may be extended to scripts also. For now there are 12 Indic scripts (or to be more precise languages), so we need to include more. Also, to allow SILPA to be accessible in all the browsers, I think we not only need to develop .ttf fonts but also .eot fonts as IE 9 supports .eot fonts only. When I raised this issue on IRC, Jishnu Mohan (jishnu7) told me that woff must also be included. So, I'll go with all three of them i.e., ttf, eot and woff fonts. About providing font preview and download options, something like maybe helpful with some changes in the interface of course. Finally, feedback from the masses is really important. I thought of building stats including graph for public usage of the framework and the API

Detailed Proposal [1]