Mailing List Policy

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Code of Conduct

When using the SMC mailing lists, please follow these rules: (Adapted from from Debian List Guidelines)

  • The mailing lists exist to foster the development and use of Indian Language computing with a special emphasis on Malayalam. Non-constructive or off-topic messages, along with other abuses, are not welcome.
  • Do not use foul language;
  • Do not send spam; see the advertising policy below.
  • Your mail should be understandable to people who know only Malayalam and English
  • Make sure that you are using the proper list. Currently we have 3 mailing lists
  1. Smc-discuss mailing list for general discussions
  2. l18n mailing list for localization related discussions
  3. SMC-Web mailing list for internal technical discussions(managing resources like wiki , website etc)
  • Do not send automated out-of-office or vacation messages.
  • Do not send test messages to determine whether your mail client is working.
  • Do not send subscription or unsubscription requests to the list.
  • Avoid sending large attachments.
  • Do not quote messages that were sent to you by other people in private mail, unless agreed beforehand.
  • When replying to messages on the mailing list, do not send a carbon copy (CC) to the original poster unless they explicitly request to be copied.
  • If you want to complain to someone who sent you a carbon copy when you did not ask for it, do it privately.
  • If you have a personal issue with someone, solve/discuss it offlist

Moderation Policy

  • First mail to the list will be always moderated.
  • If the first mail is not a spam, and it follows the etiquette, the moderation flag will be cleared.
  • If somebody does not follow Code of Conduct , S/he will be flagged and alerted after consulting with at least one or more moderators through mail/irc then His/her mails will be cleared by moderators only after crosschecking with one more moderator via mail/irc. The flag will be cleared when moderators feel the person follows etiquette.

Good Practices

  • Please respect the fact that bandwidth is not infinite. Not everyone reads email through high-speed connections, so if your posting involves something like the content of config.log or an extensive stack trace, please consider putting that information up on a website somewhere and just provide a URL to it. Remember, too, that these postings will be archived indefinitely, so huge postings will simply inflate the size of the archives long after their purpose has expired.
  • Format your message so that it is legible, and PLEASE DO NOT SHOUT!!!!!(if you don't know already ,text written in uppercase is considered as shouting).
  • While replying, please include relevant text from the original message. Trim it to the minimum, but do not overdo it. It should still be possible for somebody who did not read the original message to understand what you are talking about.
  • *Try* not to flame; it is not polite.
  • Use common sense all the time.