Localisation Hut

A FOSS Hut is an area dedicated to a specific focus area in FOSS, be it a project like KDE, community like SMC, user groups, special interest groups like mappers or start ups depending on FOSS.


Date: Feb 5-7

Venue: NIT Calicut

Testing Localised Desktops

We need volunteers for different languages. We will need latest builds of kde, gnome, open office and firefox


Indic Support TODO list

  • rendering support - harfbuzz integration with pango, qt, icu
  • locales - new locales, updating existing locales
  • sorting/collation algorithm
  • world lists, hyphenation rules
  • text to speech
  • ocr, hand writing recognition
  • complex rendering support in console

Guide to contributing translation

motivation, tools, processes, essay papers, glossary...

Complex Text Rendering Story

SMC Meeting

We will have a meeting on 6th evening (3 pm to 5 pm). RSVP here or in our facebook meeting page. Note: We actually started the meeting at 8 pm

MeetingAtNITC2010p2.jpg MeetingAtNITC2010p1.jpg


TODO: Hiran to update minutes.

Thanks to every one participated.


  1. Praveen A - Contact using my userpage
  2. Suraj Kenoth
  3. Hiran Venugopalan
  4. Manoj K Mohan