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XeTeX is an extension of TeX with built-in support for Unicode and OpenType. For more details see

Creating documents using XeTeX

  1. Install TeX Live
  2. Install latex and xetex. For ease of installation and configuration, we suggest to use a TeXLive version 2012 or above - either standalone TeXLive distribution or install from your distribution's package manager. Windows and OSX versions are also available.

In Fedora, you can install the packages texlive-latex and texlive-xetex.

  1. Install Fontspec and Hyphenation packages
  2. Install polyglossia and Indic hyphenation rules. In Fedora, the packages are texlive-fontspec, texlive-polyglossia and texlive-hyphen-indic
  3. Install the fonts
  4. For Malayalam, let us try to use Rachana. In Fedora, the package is smc-rachana-fonts.
  5. Create your tex document

An example document is:

സീടെക്കിൽ മലയാളം ടൈപ്പ്സെറ്റ് ചെയ്തത്.
  1. Compile the document using XeTeX
  2. xelatex yourdocument.tex