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This Page is about the SMC Irc channel and basic irc etiquette


Channel Details

Other Project specific IRC channels

IRC etiquette

  • Please speak out in channel, don't send PM's to individuals without asking first
  • Please Don't ask to ask
  • Don't speak in CAPS - IT'S LIKE SHOUTING (!!!),
  • No Flooding - which is sending too much information to the channel at once. If you want to show us some code/logs use a pastebin(eg: or etherpad (
  • Behave as you would do in a real life conversation
  • Read the /topic


  • For detailed technical discussions, project specific channels will be better. Because, you will find more contributors in the project specific channels.
  • Check the timezone of the main developers, if they're not awake when you IRC them, you'll hardly get any reply.(Most of us are in GMT + 5.30, ie Indian Standard Time, Our IRC peek time is 7.00 PM IST to 1.00 AM IST)
  • Be patient. If there is no activity, it usually means that no one has read what you wrote yet. If no one responds, they don't know or didn't notice. You can re-try after a while, or ask if anyone has any clue with regards to your question x minutes ago.(it will be a good idea to ping the ops(the ones whose nicks starts with an @ / the ones with a green light near to their nick)
  • Do ask your questions...we strive to provide answers to the best of our abilities.
  • Do mingle, make conversation, watch -- IRC is intimidating at first, but with some practice, and good listening skills, you will be making new friends from around the globe in no time at all. :)