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GSoC/2015/Project ideas

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Apart from the following ideas , you can propose your own ideas


Potential Mentors

  1. Santhosh Thottingal (santhosh on
  2. Baiju M (baijum on
  3. Praveen A (j4v4m4n on
  4. Rajeesh K Nambiar (rajeeshknambiar on
  5. Anivar Aravind (anivar on
  6. Vasudev Kammath (copyninja on
  7. Jishnu Mohan (jishnu7 on
  8. Hrishikesh K.B (stultus on
  9. Nandaja Varma (gem on
  10. Navaneeth (nkn__ on
  11. Ershad K (ershad on
  12. Nishan Naseer (nishan on

Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2015

Projects with confirmed mentors

Projects with unconfirmed mentors