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For students with a passion for programming computers, Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thrissur and Zyxware Technologies in association with SMC <swathanthra malayalam computing> and Free Software User's group Thrissur, are organising a developer camp, at VAST campus on 29th-November-2010


Session 1 : 9.30AM -12.30PM

Session 2 : 1.30 PM- 4.30 PM


Praveen Arimbrathodiyil will be leading the camp. Praveen Arimbrathodiyil is one of key contributors to the SMC Project.His contributions include Malayalam localization of various free software projects like GNOME, KDE, Debian installer, and various articles. He has actively influenced the present state of Malayalam language on Free Software Desktops through relentless testing, feedback and programming when and where required. He is also a debian maintainer and has worked as a mentor for Google Summer of Code projects.

In addition to Praveen, we expect other FOSS developers to join us in person, or over the internet, in the session.The general Layout of the program will be as follows:

FOSS developers/contributors present at the camp will share their experiences in developing applications/application libraries for FOSS projects, and working with other developers in the community around the projects. Students will have the opportunity to pitch in with their ideas as well.

There will be introductory sessions and discussions about various FOSS Development models, Version control, reading user as well as API documents etc.

Short Summery of the Event


Welcome speech -Mr. Kaushik M[Asst Professor, – Dept of Computer Science & Engineering]

Inauguration -Dr. M N Agnisarman Namboodiri [Prof & Head – Dept of Computer Science & Engineering]

Felicitation -Dr. V N Krishnachandran [Prof & Head – Dept of Computer Applications]

Vote of Thanks -Mr. Manoj K [S7 ME – FOSSers Club Secretary]

First Developer Camp is dedicated to Shyam Karannat

Developer Camp

Praveen &Pavithran: Package Management in Ubuntu

Dhananjy Navaneetham: Unix File system.

Pavi : Getting familiar with IRC, how to register nick, How to use xchat etc.

Jain : Introduction to scribus, xtgscanner (plugin for Quark XPress Tags), Introduction to Qt, hello world in qt, introduction to qt-documentation and qt-creator.

Praveen : Fixing out bug in OpenOffice and Debian packaging.

Goal of the Camp

Because this was first of its kind experiment, at least for Praveen, the details of the camp was not announced earlier. One reason was not to set wrong expectations, other was his dislike of comforming to schedules and topics. His personal style is to cover whatever is required to get to one task. So if he were to announce the exact goal, there was every possibility of falling short of that or having to compromise on some topics to achive the goal. Both of them were not desirable for him and he chose not to set clear goals. Basic goal of this camp, according to Praveen, was to introduce Free Software development process using personal experience of developers. Now that the idea is out, he does not claim any ownership, whatsoever on this idea, after all the idea was gained from the community. He can argue for credit only for the content of this particular instance only, because Sooraj and many others wer involved with the idea of the camp itself. So feel free to remix it, this was alpha release, so smoothen the rough edges. During early stage discussions Shyam was also involved and we dedicate this series on his memories.

= Background

We decided to explore one bug in Open Office as a starting point. This particular bug in Malayalam display was reported by Mahesh T Pai about 4 months back in August 2010 in debian BTS. The same bug turned up in Fedora 14 and with help from Ani Peter and Red Hat i18n team (Pravin Satpute and Naveen Kumar), we were able to track the offending commit and reported it to ICU developers. This particular change was reverted upstream. Patched versions of icu appeared in both fedora and debian which restored correct rendering in Open Office.

This was a "teaching moment" for people to understand the inner workings of the Free Software community and get familiarised with people and process involved. It was logical for Praveen to pick this bug, because he knew the inside story and was involved in many of the steps (or he "lived through this bug").



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  1. K.Ramnath (CSE, VAST)
  2. Abhijith.K.Benjur (CSE, S1 VAST)
  3. Abina Balan (CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  4. Akhil.K (CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  5. Alex Poovathingal(CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  6. Amal Y Jose (ECE, VAST)
  7. Aneesh.C (CSE, VAST)
  8. Anoop Lazeer (CSE, VAST)
  9. Anoop Toffy (CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  10. Arjun K (PE, S1 VAST)
  11. Arjun.E.P (CSE, VAST)
  12. Aswin Sashidharan (CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  13. Babul .K.B (CSE, VAST)
  14. Ben Jolly (CSE, VAST)
  15. Deepak.S (CSE, VAST)
  16. Dhananjay(CS, CET)
  17. Divya Mohandas (CSE, VAST)
  18. Fayyas Manzoor.M (CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  19. Harikrishna.K (University Institute of Technology, Thriuvanthapuram)
  20. Hiran.V (Ubiqurio Consultancy)
  21. Jain Basil Aliyas(CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  22. Jishnu (MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram)
  23. Jishnu.V (CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  24. Levis Antony (CSE, VAST)
  25. Mahesh Mohan.M.U (University Institute of Technology, Thriuvanthapuram)
  26. Manoj.K (ME, VAST)
  27. Midhun Krishna (CSE, VAST)
  28. Midhun.P.G (CSE, VAST)
  29. Muhammed T.A (CSE, VAST)
  30. Nakul raj (CSE, VAST)
  31. Neethu K.C (CSE, VAST)
  32. Neethu.T.Regi (CSE, VAST)
  33. Nithish.M (CSE, VAST)
  34. Pavithran (Zyxware Technologies)
  35. Ranjith .A.R (CSE, VAST)
  36. Salim Ali (CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  37. Sarin.C.M (CSE, VAST)
  38. Sharath Krishnan (ME, S1 VAST)
  39. Sreenath Nannat (CSE, VAST)
  40. Sooraj Kenoth (Zyxware Technologies)
  41. Sreejith.S (CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  42. Sruthi Devi.M.P (CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  43. Swetha Ravi (CSE, VAST)
  44. Unnikrishnan (CSE, VAST)
  45. Vibin .M.V (CSE, VAST)
  46. Vishak Baby (CSE, GEC Thrissur)
  47. Shali K.R, (Server Administrator, CSE Dept, VAST)
  48. Kaushik M, (Asst. Professor, CSE Dept VAST)


That was a nice starting .. :) Waiting for new events and sessions covering depth of linux and other open source technologies.