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GSoC/2013/Project ideas

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# Santhosh Thottingal
'''Possible Mentor''' : Hussain K H
==Flask Based SILPA===== Port remaining modules to the new flask based Silpa ==='''Project''':most of the silpa modules are not ported to new flask based silpa.
'''Expertise required''':Python , Flask , Jinja , HTML, Javascript
'''Mentor''' : Rajeeesh Nambiar/ Jishnu
=== Provide REST API for new flask based Silpa, including conversion of templates to this REST API from JSON RPC.===
'''Expertise required''':Python , Flask , Jinja , HTML, Javascript
'''Mentor''' : Vasudev/Jishnu
=== Separate templates from SILPA and have it inside modules packaged for pypi ==='''Project''':The templates used as User Interface is part of SILPA. this should be separated and should come as a part of individual modules.
[ this] should give more idea on it
'''Expertise required''':python,Flask, HTML,Javascript,CSS,jinja
'''Mentor''' : Vasudev/Jishnu
== Converting indic processing modules currently in SILPA into Jquery library ==
'''Project''': Port some of the silpa alogorithms algorithms to javascriptJquery.
'''Expertise required''': javascript,JQuery, python
'''Mentor''' :Vasudev/Jishnu
Currently only Kannada and Malayalam are perfect rest all are first converted to Malayalam then to English due to lack of language internal. Also currently for English to Indic we use CMUDict so transliteration capability is limited to words in CMUDict only probably we could develop better method for English to Indic transliteration
'''Expertise required''':python
'''Mentor''' : Vasudev/Jishnu
== Improving the webfonts module in Silpa using jquery.webfonts and proving more Indic and complex fonts as part of it. ==
'''Project''':Currently Silpa provides 36 webfonts. add more fonts to this collection.
'''Expertise required''':jQuery, Python , technical understanding about fonts
'''Mentor''' : Vasudev/Jishnu