Localisation Camp/EN

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The general objectives of the camp are

  1. Get more volunteers in SMC project as contributer.
  2. Create an awareness on SMC project and its significance
  3. Help people to use Malayalam in computer.

Event dependent objectives:

Depending upon the selection of project and availability of resources there are event dependent objective.

First camp our objective was simple and direct

  1. Do some translations

Third camp our objectives were:

  1. Start Ubuntu manual translation
  2. Introduce more linguistics experts into SMC project

Forth camp was completely organized by FISAT Angamali. Objective

  1. Give an awareness to FISAT students about SMC
  2. Guide them to do their B.Tech projects in SMC

Fifth camp our objectives are:

In all the camps Hiran Venugopalan gave an introduction to font design. But key activity was translation. In second camp we tried to focus on font design

Criteria of selecting a place

It can be any place having some computer facility. According to my experience minimum requirement for the camp is at least one system per 6 volunteers. But Mr. Vimal Joseph has a new different idea. I hope he will explain it. It seems to be more economical. You can suggest your own idea and a way to implement it. Once Mr. Praveen.A suggested to introduce Pango in one of the camp.

Are we planning this as technical or non technical event ?

It has to be decided by the local community, depending upon the availability of experts and level of available volunteers. If it is only translation of documentation, it is only semi-technical. If we are getting volunteers have some technical skill or a hand on any language we can do it as a technical one. But it not easy to make it a pure non-technical event.