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SMC is participating in Google Summer of Code 2014


Status Updates

February 25 , 2014

Really Happy to announce that We are selected for Google Summer of Code 2014. Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects. and this is the third time we are being selected as a mentoring organization.

If you are a student and would be interested in participating in GSoC with Swathanthra Malayalam Computing as your mentoring organization, please take a look at our GSoC Ideas page:

If you want to propose an idea, please do it in student projects mailing list

February 4 , 2014

  • Mentoring Organization Applications Now Being Accepted for Google Summer of Code 2014! - Read More


  • Is it a requirement to know Malayalam to participate in GSoC as part of SMC?

It is not a requirement to know Malayalam to participated in GSoc as part of SMC. But it will be good if you are good in some Indian language along with listed technologies.

  • I have a project idea that is not listed in SMC project ideas. Can I propose new projects?

Of course. You are encouraged to propose any fresh project ideas with as much as details you can give. If the idea matches with the objectives of SMC, we will be happy to evaluate it for GSOC. SMC is umbrella project for Project Silpa - an Indian language computing project. So you are welcome to submit proposals for other languages too. Be aware that availability of mentors for Non-Malayalam languages is limited.

  • I'm interested in SILPA project ideas what I should do?

Glad to know, first thing is to clone code read the code try to deploy it and read the documentation [2] if you face problem try to ask us on IRC or here on this list or SILPA mailing list [3]

  • I've set up the SILPA locally and read the code, now what?

Good now try to read tasks we have mentioned under ideas list, try to see which module we are talking about and understand the code. Show us Proof of concepts and what you worked on propose your own improvements to code.

  • I saw several ideas for SILPA project but now I see it has been clubbed into single one. So is it single idea now or multiple?

Its now clubbed as single idea because we felt individual ideas are pretty simple to implement so we made them into single. So now collective ideas are together called *SILPA improvements*. There is Varnam and other Javscript Android SDK ideas they are still independent ideas.



[3] silpa-discuss at


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