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Rachana.jpeg Rachana
Meera.jpeg Meera
Raghu.jpg RaghuMalayalam
Suruma.png Suruma
Anjali.JPG AnjaliOldLipi
Dyuthi.jpg Dyuthi


  • Download any of the above fonts
  • To setup the fonts just copy it to ~/.fonts directory or open nautilus file manager and go to location (press CTRL+L and type location) fonts:/// and drag-n-drop font files to this location.
  • If you want it to be available to all users copy it to /usr/share/fonts.
  • You can check whether the fonts are installed correctly by running the command fc-list (eg. fc-list |grep Rachana ).
  • Restart the running applications so that the new fonts are available to them.
  • All aplications which depend on font config will be able to use the newly installed fonts.

You can see a list of all indic fonts here