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Developers Camp-2 is being scheduled on 27 Feb at our college, a joint exercise by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (SMC), Students Association of Information Technology (S@IT), MES-FSUG and Zyxware Technologies. Workshop camps like these are usually more of *hands-on* in nature, addressing real-world problems. With SMC-Zyxware the problems have an added dimension as they attempt to solve problems which a community closest to our hearts would cherish to use - they being linked to our native language - malayalam.

A previous such camp was organised at Vidya Academy in 29 November 2010, details of which can be found at and

Lets make history by being there - right in the midst of similar problems and use our collective will in solving them. For the third years, this should be a golden opportunity to work with such problems as their Final Year projects or as their mini projects. Some of the known giants in Swatantra Malayalam Computing are expected to be around !!


Date : 27-02-2011, Sunday

Time : 9.30AM-4.30PM


  • Jishnu Mohan - Student, MES College of Engineering

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