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Localisation Camp/2 Pune 20,21 March 2010

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This camp is organised by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing, [ Uncode] (Lokayat Free Software Initiative) and [ CoEP's Free Software Users Group]. Venue provided by [ Red Hat].
For more details contact Praveen Arimbrathodiyil +91 9561745712== Press Release ==* [ Download Press Release]
Praveen Arimbrathodiyil +91 9561745712, Rishikesh Yeolekar +91 9423507864, Abhijit A.M. +91 9422308125
== Notes ==
* We are '''limiting attendance to 25 persons''' on a first come first serve basis.
* Lunch and tea will be provided at the venue.
* A press release is being drafted [[Localisation_Camp/2_Pune_20,21_March_2010/Press_Release0|here]], please contribute your ideas.
* Participants to come with 2 or 4 GB USB sticks, can go back with a L10n-ised spin of F12 in a locale of their choice.