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I am a final year student[4] pursuing bachelors of Computer Science & Engineering from MSIT, GGS Indraprastha University[5-6] - New Delhi (India). I am a FOSS enthusiast, contributing to OSS since 3+ years from now and have been using GNU/linux since high school. In past I’ve been associated with OSS projects, which avails free & open source educational tools to students. Apart from regular college curriculum , I spend a considerable amount of time doing things outside of work as well. My biggest contribution towards opensource is 'codeasy' which is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) for Java programming developed by me[7]. Codeasy is licensed under GNU general public licence(version 3). During spare time, I fix minor bugs in some of the KDE opensource projects[8].<br>
I have working knowledge of c,c++,java & python. I have worked on coding projects like WRN, project444, chaos theory in cryptosystems, GAs in cryptanalysis, cows & bulls & bears, TBC project, FOSSEE-IIT Bombay and visual simulation on ACO- IIT Delhi. I am a yahoo summer school 2013 participant and well versed with community interactions and dynamics of OSS projects. I use irc, mailing lists, version control systems, such as git(with working knowledge of hg,svn) & host all my projects at github[9] hence I can start early with coding.<br>
Rest apart I am a member of ILUG-D(Indian Linux User Group-Delhi)[10]. Contributed in organizing lug sessions at our college campus as a part of SIGs(student interest groups) & delivered a couple of talks. I am also the founder of MSIT-Java User Group (a special interest group under IEEE-MSIT).
I take Summer of Code as an opportunity to get engaged with SMC as a contributor and continue this association even after GSoC. I am very much willing to be a stable member of community. I would love to be contacted if any part of this proposal is not clear. Thank you for considering this proposal and for your time! <br>
[[UPDATE]]: Since mentors seek to evaluate a student's coding ability as well, I would like to describe one of my project "Multichaotic Cryptosystem"[11]. I worked on it during August 2013-December 2013 as a research intern at ''CSIR:Fourth Paradigm Institute - Bangalore(formerly CSIR: Centre for Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation) under SPARK([[Student Program for Advancement in Research Knowledge]])''[12]. My guide for the project was Dr Gopal Krishna Patra(Principal Scientist,CSIR-4PI). The project involved implementing a 'crypto-system' using essence of 'chaos theory'. Front end was developed in Qt 4 while backend was controlled by shell-scripts and C++. For plots and graphs, I used GNUPlot. ''This project essentially describe my coding skills in C++, shell-scripts, GNUPlot scripts and experience with Qt(GUI framework)''.
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