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# A desktop dictionary application which can use wiktionary as the database (online and offline versions) and ability to update information
# [[ടക്സ്_ടൈപ്പ്|A Malayalam Typing tutor like Tuxtype]] - [ Savannah Task]
==Selected Projects==
'''Successful projects'''
# Unicode Standard Malayalam Font by Hiran V, mentored by Hussain K.H
# Basic Voice Recognition System for malayalam by Shyam k, mentored by Santhosh Thottingal
# Tuxtype Indian Language Support, Malayalam Typing Tutor by Mobin Mohan, mentored by Praveen A
# Comprehensive malayalam input system for GNU/Linux by Jinesh K J, mentored by suresh p
'''Failed projects'''
# Malayalam OCR by Antony Francis Maliakal mentored by Anivar Aravind (reason, student disappeared and no sourcecode availability. Failed in midterm evaluation )
* [ Google Summer of Code]