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GSoC/2013/Project ideas

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-Automated Rendering Testing
Generate the output using command
texexec --xetex <file.tex>
==Automated Rendering Testing==
Automated Rendering Testing system for Indic languages. Currently there exists 3 main rendering engines in computing world - Uniscribe of Microsoft, CoreText (Apple Advance Typography - AAT) of Apple and Harfbuzz for *nix systems. The Opentype font specification is maintained by Microsoft and implemented in Uniscribe, which is used as baseline for Harfbuzz. At present, there is no automated mechanism to determine if Harfbuzz is rendering complex Indic text correctly or not - someone expert in relevant language has to manually inspect the output from hb-view. The project aim is to identify and implement an automated method to test the rendering.
One method to do this might be to check the order of glyphs/glyph indices output by the rendering engine - this depends on the font too. A related topic is UTRRS
* '''[ Savannah Task]'''
* '''Expertise required''': Knowledge of Indic language rendering and Opentype specification.
* '''Mentor''' : Rajeesh K Nambiar
====More Details====