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Knowledge Prerequisite: Knowledge of Python OR C++ for writing the bot & Plasmoid. A basic understanding of how DICT works is essential.
===Changes to Dhvani TTSEngine ===
[ Dhvani] is a text to speech system designed for Indian Languages. The aim of this project is to ensure that literacy and knowledge of English are not essential for using a Computer.
====* Porting Dhvani to Windows/Mac and Sound system change ====
Right now, Dhvani uses ALSA as sound system. An additional SDL based sound system is required to make it work on other operating systems
A computer with Windows/Mac OS development setup
====* Speech dispatcher driver and Orca integration ====
Dhvani has generic driver for speech dispatcher and that is not efficient and cannot use many features of dhvani. Write a driver for speech-dispatcher and integrate it with Orca so that it works as Screenreader