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Knowledge Prerequisite: Knowledge of Python OR C++ for writing the bot & Plasmoid. A basic understanding of how DICT works is essential.
===Dhvani TTS : Porting to Windows and Sound system change===[ Dhvani ] is an Indic TTS engine. Dhvani uses ALSA as sound a text to speech systemdesigned for Indian Languages. An additional SDL based sound system The aim of this project is required to make it work on other operating systemsensure that literacy and knowledge of English are not essential for using a Computer.
Knowledge prerequisite : Knowledge of C====* Porting Dhvani to Windows/Mac and Sound system change ====Right now, Dhvani uses ALSA as sound system. Familiarity with An additional SDL would be nice, but not based sound system is make it work on other operating systems
Knowledge Prerequisite:Knowledge of C. Familiarity with SDL would be nice, but not required. 'Material Prerequisite:A computer with Windows/Mac OS development setup ===Dhvani TTS : =* Speech dispatcher driver and Orca integration ====
Dhvani has generic driver for speech dispatcher and that is not efficient and cannot use many features of dhvani. Write a driver for speech-dispatcher and integrate it with Orca so that it works as Screenreader