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#A KDE 4 Plasmoid that does the same. THere is already a KDE Plasmoid that supports But it cannot be configured to support other dictionary servers right now.
===Text To SpeechDhvani TTS : Porting to Windows and Sound system change===# Dhvani is an Indic TTS engine. RIght now Dhvani dispatches speech using use ALSAas sound system. This limits An additional SDL based sound system is required to make it to GNU/Linux platforms. work on windows===Dhvani TTS : Speech dispatcher driver and Orca integration===If an SDL Dhvani has generic driver for speech dispatcher and that is not efficient and cannot use many features of dhvani. Write a driver can be written, then for speech-dispatcher and integrate it will be easy to get with Orca so that it working on all platformsworks as Screenreader
=== Calender===
Create a calendrical calculation library that will be usable from Python/C++ programs. Writing a C++/C library and writing a Python wrapper for it is enough. This can be used to display Indian calendars on Free Desktops
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