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When adding an idea to this section, please try to include the following data:
  * if the application is not widely known, a description of what it does and where its code lives * a brief explanation * the expected results * pre-requisites for working on your project * if applicable, links to more information or discussions * mailing list or IRC channel for your application/library/module * your name and email address for contact (if you're willing to be a mentor)
If you are not a developer but have a good idea for a proposal, get in contact with relevant developers first.
==t] Ideas==
=== Dictionary ===
We need two things here :
===Text To Speech===
# Dhvani is an Indic TTS engine. RIght now Dhvani dispatches speech using ALSA. This limits it to GNU/Linux platforms.
If an SDL speech dispatcher driver can be written, then it will be easy to get it working on all platforms
=== Calender===
Create a calendrical calculation library that will be usable from Python/C++ programs. Writing a C++/C library and writing a Python wrapper for it is enough. This can be used to display Indian calendars on Free Desktops
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