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:*ഫ ( ph’a ) pronounced differently in ഫലം and ഫാന്‍ . ന (na) (Nasal dental and Nasal alveolar) is pronounced differently even though the grapheme notation is same (eg. നനക്കുക (nan’naykkuka). phonological rules have been applied manually and edited the dictionary
:*In continuous speech, word boundaries are also challenging. For instance, the word "thalasthanam” (തലസ്ഥാനം ) can be misconstrued as "thala sthanam” (തല സ്ഥാനം ).
:*Articulation of certain phonemes are context dependent .For eg: the words ബലം and ജലം are pronounced as ബെലം and ജെലം respectively .
:*The prosody of spoken Malayalam makes it difficult to correctly identify the sound units.(Phonemes).
In order to address these language specific issues of Malayalam speech recognition we need to have a working acoustic model and language model, which is unfortunately not available or in naive state for Malayalam language. Our aim is to develop a working acoustic and language model and thereafter address language specific issues one by one as possible in the limited time constraint.