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GSoC/2013/Project ideas

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If you want to propose an idea, please do it in [ project mailing list]>
== Internationalize SILPA project with Wikimedia jquery projects, Improve the webfonts module in Silpa using jquery.webfonts and provide more Indic and complex fonts as part of it ==
'''Internationalize SILPA''' :- SILPA project has many Indic language applications, but as of now, if somebody want to input in Indian languages, there is no built in tool in it. Similarly, the application is not internationalized. Both of these can be achieved by using the [// jquery.ime] and [// jquery.i18n] libraries from Wikimedia. A sample implementation is avaliable in our [ website]. The i18n should be in the SILPA flask framework with a nice templating system. Similarly the interface should have webfonts using [ jquery.webfonts] library.
* '''[httpsImprove the webfonts ''' ://savannah- * Currently Silpa provides 36 webfonts. add more fonts to this collection.nongnu* Rewrote webfonts module to use the features of* reate a repo as per jquery.php?12557 Savannah Task]'''webfonts specification* Provide a clean api so that other websites can use our webfonts in their websites* Document the usage* Provide font preview and download options  * '''Expertise required''': jqueryjQuery, css, html5, python , flask,Python , technical understanding about fonts  * '''Mentor''' : Hrishikesh K B& Sajjad Anwar
====More Details====
* [ jquery.i18n]