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GSoC/2013/Project ideas

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'''Mentor''' : Vasudev/Jishnu
== Improving the webfonts module in Silpa using jquery.webfonts and proving more Indic and complex fonts as part of it. ==
* Currently Silpa provides 36 webfonts. add more fonts to this collection.
* Rewrote webfonts module to use the features of jquery.webfonts
* reate a repo as per jquery.webfonts specification
* Provide a clean api so that other websites can use our webfonts in their websites
* Document the usage
* Provide font preview and download options
'''Expertise required''':jQuery, Python , technical understanding about fonts
'''Mentor''' : Jishnu
==Building a system and API's for accessing and upadating Malayalamgrandham Bibligiography Data==