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GSoC/2013/Project ideas

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==Developing Malayalam Calendar Support ==
This project is to build Malayalam Calendar support to KDE. Korganiser have support for many calendars like Saka calender, Hijri, Jalali. The project is to build support for other calendars with a special focus on malayalam calendarMalayalam Calendar (Kolla Varsham)
Following tasks are part of this work .
* Building Malayalam (kollavarsham) Calendar support to KDE/KOrganiser .* Build All possible indian Calendars as a generic library/api
====More Details====
==== Starting Points ==== * [ Build KDE from source]* Familiarize with how Saka and other calendars are done. '''Mentor''': Praveen A, Mahesh M
==Language model and Acoustic model for Malayalam language for speech recognition system in CMU Sphinx==