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GSoC/2013/Project ideas

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<big>'''Apart from the following ideas , you can propose your own ideas'''</big></br> 
If you want to propose an idea, please do it in [ project mailing list]>
* [ "Understanding the CMU Sphinx Speech Recognition System"], Chun-Feng Liao
==Enhancement of Indic Language Support in Scribus==
===Project Description===
Scribus is an Open Source program that brings professional page layout to Linux/UNIX. Find more about scribus here. Indic Languages are not supported completely in Scribus as of now. As a result of the work done by a group of developers from India, there is a branch available in Scribus public git repo which supports Indic Languages. The aim of this idea is to Enhance the Indic language support solving the following issues:
* Harfbuzz is being used as a thrid party code in Scribus. Maintaining thirdparty code is a tedious task, this should be added as a dependency instead.
* Enhance hyphenation by adding hyphenation rules.
'''Expertise Required:''' Good understanding of C, C++, Qt, Harfbuz etc, cmake.
===More information===
* Branch indic in scribus public git repository. Clone url: git clone git://
* Hyphenation:
'''Mentor''' : Jain Basil Aliyas (jainbasil in IRC)
'''Complexity : Advanced