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=== Will you continue contributing/ supporting the Swathanthra Malayalam Computing after the GSoC 2013 program, if yes, which area(s), you are interested in? ===
I've been contributing to SMC, I will definitely continue thatdoing it along with maintaining the Malayalagrandham application after GSoC. My interested areas include Language Computing, SILPA and translation.
=== Why should we choose you over other applicants? ===
I've been a FOSS enthusiast for years and have been continuously trying for ways to contribute to it. GSoC will be a great platform for me to contribute more.
This proposal is meant for Malayalagrandham Bibliography Data project. I'm planning to do it in Ruby on Rails in which I'm well versed and have more than 1 year of experience. I also have a track record of doing end-to-end hobby projects in Ruby on Rails.
Librarians should be able to update the location of the books in Malayalagrandham.
All the data in Malayalagrandham will be open to Public. But users need special permission (admin privileges) to modify the existing approved data. Application will have full support for localization using i18n libraries of Rails.
=== The need you believe it fulfills ===
# It will be easy to perform complex searches to locate specific books.
# The feedback feature attracts more engagement/dicussion from users.
# ISBN based book discovery will be possible
# QR code for each book would help the user to locate its Malayagrandham page
# Jbuilder - DSL to configure JSON API
# rqrcode - QR code generator
#rspec, capybara - Test Driven Development (TDD)
# Twitter Bootstrap - Front end Framework
# [] is a social network I built using Ruby on Rails and MySQL. More details are [ here]
# [] is a college fest aggregator I built using the same technology stack. It's quite popular in India and it has got thousands of hits in a short span of time.
# I built a [ chrome extension] for language transliteration using Wikimedia's jQueryIME library and it won 'The most innovative project' award in Wikimedia Dev Camp held at IIM bangaloreBangalore. My other wikimedia contributions are [,n,z here]
I've also some open source contributions, please find them in my [ github] profile
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