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GSoC/2013/Project ideas

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'''Mentor''': Sajjad / Praveen A
==Building a system and API's for accessing and upadating Malayalamgrandham Bibligiography Data==
'''Mentor''': Anilkumar K V
==Developing Malayalam Calendar Support ==
This project is to build Malayalam Calendar support . On Indian Language calnders Korganiser have support for saka calender. None of the indian calenders are included at this point .
Following tasks are part of this work .
* Building Malayalam (kollavarsham) Calendar support to KOrganiser .
* Build All possible indian Calendars as a generic library/api
====More Details====
* Understanding of Astronomical Algorithms
'''Mentor''': Praveen A
==Developing a language model and acoustic model for Malayalam speech processing==
'''Mentor''': Deepa Gopinath