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GSoC/2013/Project ideas

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'''Mentor''': Baiju M /Anivar
==Developing Braile Adding Braille Keyboard layouts for Indian Languages using to m17n Library==
The idea Project is to develop a braile layout building support for indian languages, Bharati Braille keyboard layouts in GNU/Linux systemes. which will be using Bharati Braille standard is the f ,d ,s, j, k and l official Braille standard in India. A regular QWERTY keyboard is used for data entry. SDF-JKL keys are used for six dots of a standard keyboard Braille. This support need to be built as m17n layouts. This will enable visually challenged people who studied braille layouts to type use GNU/Linux systems easily with the languagehelp of Audio feedback from TTS ====More Details====*** http://www.nongnu. org/m17n/
'''Mentor''': Anilkumar K V