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GSoC/2013/Project ideas

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=Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2013=
===Apart from the following ideas , you can propose your own ideas===
<If you want to propose an idea, please do it in [ project mailing list]>
* '''[ Savannah Task]'''
* '''Expertise required''': jquery, css, html5, python, flask* '''Mentor''' : HrishikeshK B
====More Details====
* [ jquery.i18n]
'''Expertise required''': Python , Flask , Jinja , HTML, Javascript
'''Mentor''' : Rajeeesh NambiarVasudev/ Jishnu
===Provide REST API for new flask based Silpa, including conversion of templates to this REST API from JSON RPC===
'''Expertise required''': javascript,JQuery, python
'''Mentor''' :Vasudev/Jishnu
== Improving cross language transliteration system. ==
'''Expertise required''':jQuery, Python , technical understanding about fonts
'''Mentor''' : Vasudev/Jishnu
==Adding Indic Sript Rendering Support to GIS applications ==