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GSoC/2013/Project ideas

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==Indic rendering support in ConTeXt.==
ConTeXt is another TeX macro system similar to LaTeX but much more suitable for design. (We already To find more information about ConTeXt, see the wiki []. ConTeXt MKII is supposed to have Indic language rendering modulesupport using XeTeX, but in SILPA practice we have found it lacking. MKII is deprecated anyway, and the new MKIV backend doesn't support Indic rendering yet. The aim of this can be improved project is to allow the implementation of above ideaadd support to Inidic rendering to ConTeXt MKIV. XeTeX is using Harfbuzz to do correct Indic rendering. )
'''Expertise required''':
Understanding of the TeX system, experience in either LaTeX or ConTeXt and basic understanding of Indic language rendering. MKIV uses Lua, familiarity with Lua, opentype specifications or Harfbuzz will be added advantage.
'''Mentor''' : Rajeeesh Rajeesh K Nambiar
==Automated Rendering Testing==