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GSoC/2013/Project ideas

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'==Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2013== ===Indic rendering support in ConTeXt.=== ConTeXt is another TeX macro system sim...' താൾ സൃഷ്ടിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു
==Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2013==
===Indic rendering support in ConTeXt.===
ConTeXt is another TeX macro system similar to LaTeX but much more suitable for design. (We already have rendering module
in SILPA this can be improved to allow the implementation of above
idea. )

===Automated Rendering Testing===
===Silpa Related===
* Port remaining modules to the new flask based Silpa.
* Provide REST API for new flask based Silpa, including conversion of templates to this REST API from JSON RPC.
* Separate templates from SILPA and have it inside modules packaged for pypi [ this] should give more idea on it
* Integrating jquery.ime input method frame work with internationalization using jquery.i18n (not complex and will be expanded by Santhosh)
* Converting indic processing modules currently in SILPA into Jquery library which will be very much helpful
* Improving cross language transliteration system. Currently only Kannada and Malayalam are perfect rest all are first converted to Malayalam then to English due to lack of language internal. Also currently for English to Indic we use CMUDict so transliteration capability is limited to words in CMUDict only probably we could develop better method for English to Indic transliteration
* A spell checker for Indic language that understands inflections (Santhosh will explain this)
* Improving the webfonts module in Silpa using jquery.webfonts and proving more Indic and complex fonts as part of it and of course competing with Google webfonts.
=== Android App Ideas===
* Malayalam Calendar (?)
* Full featured Malayalam input tool like [ Google Hindi Input].

===Add proper Indic / Malayalam rendering to Mapnik.===
Mapnik is a free mapping toolkit, written in C++. One of it's major users is OpenStreetMap. If you check OpenStreetMap, you can see that Languages like Russian, Arabic, Persian, Chinese etc are rendered in it (Not sure whether they are properly rendered or not). The lack of proper Indic support is the major reason for the absence of Malayalam.
===Add Indic / Malayalam rendering to MapServer + OpenLayers stack.===
Both are OSGeo projects, and used in most of the WebGIS applications recently. MapServer is an open source development environment for building spatially enabled internet applications. OpenLayers is an open source JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers. OpenLayers is used by OpenStreetMap for its "slippy map" map interface.
===Add proper Indic / Malayalam support and rendering to GRASS GIS.===
It is used by a number of organizations for analysing GIS data, creating maps etc. GRASS also is an OSGeo project. It is in the process of rewriting the old Tcl/Tk interface in the new wx-python.