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If you want, you can start a wiki page to work on your proposal at Every applicant should create an account in SMC wiki.
If you add your proposal there, we will help you edit it and provide feedback (though understand that we will not helpyou write it).You can add your application to our [[list of currentapplications|GSoC-2013-Current-Applications]].To maintain a consistent namingscheme, title your application: "GSoC 2013 Application <Your Name>: <ProjectName>".
Note that your final application must be submitted at, so do not worry about the formatting of yourapplication on the wiki, as you will have to reformat it there.You shouldnot be too concerned with the formatting in Melange either, as we understandthat the text editor there is not the best for making things look niceformatting-wise.We are more concerned with the content of your application,and that it is readable.
You may be able to get equivalent formatting in Melange from the wiki by
* What makes you excited about SMC? Have you worked before with SMC? If yes, when and on what?
* Have you ever used git or another any other version control system?
* What excites you about this project? Why did you choose it?
* What qualifications do you have to implement your idea? For example, if you are developing an Android app, then what is your prior programming experience in Android? Links to any apps that you have created already using Android. Why are you suited to work on this project?
* What have other people done on this idea? Has it been implemented before?
* How much time do you plan to invest in the project before, during, and after
the Summer of Code? (we We expect full time 40h/week during GSoC, but better
make this explicit) If you plan to take any vacations over the summer, let
us know about it here.
* Please provide a schedule of how this time will be spent on sub-tasks
of the project over the period of the summer. While this is onlypreliminary, we will use it to help monitor your progress throughoutthe program.Also understand that during the project you will issueweekly progress reports against that the plan on your blog.
* In planning your project, it is good to note where along the way you could
discussions about your project, but rewrite it in your own words.If you
include any significant text or code from another source in your
application, it must be accompanied with a proper citation.All papers orreferences that you use or plan to use must also be cited.Put all this in
a "References" section at the bottom of your application.