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* Join the `SMC mailing list and introduce . Introduce yourself. Not only do we over there so that the community can get to know you, but you can use the mailing list . Feel free to get feedback on discuss your project ideas and get as well as to ask for any help that you may require as you start working with the hacking our code base.
* Write Prepare a detailed proposal regarding your project and submit a proposal to on the Google Summer of Code website ( If Even though you want to, you can draft your project proposal on could use our wiki ( This to draft your project ideas, this is not required, but if you domandatory. However, we will can help you proofread ityour submission if you do use our wiki. See the sectionbelow for how to name and link to your application so we can easily find it. You may take a look at the old applications to see how they did things, links to pages containing old applications can be found on the wiki main page.
* If you need help with anything, ask on the `SMC list or our IRC channel (`#smc-project on Freenode < (don't be afraid if you don't know git for example. We'll teach you everything that is needed, the only required thing from you is enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things)
'''You the personWho are you?'''
* Short bio / overview of your background
* Where can we find you? Kindly share your email, GitHub username, IRC handle, etc, so that we can know all these point to the same you.
* How can we contact you (email, IRC handle, GitHub username, Google Codeusername, etc.)?This information will help us associate all of yourvarious usernames with you.  '''You the programmerWhat is your programming experience?'''
'''You and What is your project?'''