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Developer Camp/VAST

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For students with a passion for programming computers, Vidya Academy of Science and Technology (VAST- [ Academy of Science and Technology], Thrissur and Zyxware Technologies([ Zyxware Technologies] in association with SMC (swathanthra malayalam computing - [ / SMC <swathanthra malayalam computing>] and [ Free Software User's group Thrissur], are organising a developer camp, at VAST campus on 29th-November-2010
Session 1 : 9.30AM -12.30PM
Session 2 : 1.30 PM- 4.30 PM
Praveen Arimbrathodiyil will be lead the camp.Praveen Arimbrathodiyil is one of key contributors to the SMC Project.His contributions include Malayalam localization of various free software projects like GNOME, KDE, Debian installer, and various articles. He has actively influenced the present state of Malayalam language on Free Software Desktops through relentless testing, feedback and programming when and where required. He is also a debian maintainer and has worked as a mentor for Google Summer of Code projects.
There will be introductory sessions and discussions about various FOSS Development models, Version control, reading user as well as API documents etc.
#K.Ramnath (CSE, VAST)
#Arjun.E.P (CSE, VAST)
#Nithish.M (CSE, VAST)
#Nakul raj (CSE, VAST)
#Anoop Lazeer (CSE, VAST)
#Midhun Krishna (CSE, VAST)