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Localisation Camp/Pune/Payyans Workout

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* Connect Payyans to Padma
* Discuss Silpa and other Indic issues
== About Santhosh Thottingal ==
He is one of the most active developer working on Indian language technologies. He is the main author and inspiration behind ambitious silpa project ( - which aims to bring all Indian language application under one roof. Some of these include
* Guess Language
* Encoding Converter
* Approximate Search
* Sort
* Spellcheck
* Dictionary
* Transliterate
* Hyphenation
* Syllabalize
* N-Gram
* Random Quote
* Indic Soundex
* Character Details
* Katapayadi Numbers
* Webfonts
Currently most of these projects have support for Malayalam. Some of them have support for Tamil and Kannada. He is actively looking for more developers to join his team to add support to Marathi, Hindi and the rest of Indian languages. He is also maintainer of Dhvani Indian language text to speech system, aspell spell checking dictionaries, hyphenation support ... and many more. He is in Pune on a shot visit and it would be a great opportunity to learn from him.