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[[File:Logbook of an Observer (cover page).jpg|thumb|200px|Logbook of an Observer (കവര്‍ പേജ്) by ഹിരണ്‍ വേണുഗോപാല്‍]]
Logbook of an Observer is a collection of blog posts on Free Software, Society, Formula One Racing and many other topics by Jinesh KJ(18/05/1986 - 29-09-2011). He is the author of Malayalam phonetic input method called Lalitha, he was a Google Summer of Code student with Swathanthra Malayalam Computing in 2007, he contributed to silpa Indic Language Computing project and pypdflib, he was part of two efforts to build ona OCR for Malayalam, he contributed to Malayalam translation of web pages, he was also active in laguage standardization efforts. This book is a memorial to our friend Jinesh Kanjirangattil Jayaraman or jinsbond from his friends. We lost him to Lukemia on September 29, 2011 in CMS CMC Vellore. It also contain notes from his hospital bed and memorials from his friends.