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GSoC/2015/Project ideas

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=Projects with confirmed mentors=
== ibus-braille module modifications ==
This project will be to make improvements on the [GSoC/2014/Project_ideas#Adding_Braille_Keyboard_layouts_for_Indian_Languages_to_m17n_Library | project] that was successfully completed by a student under SMC. The remaining tasks areː
#Integrate Ibus-Braille with Liblouis
#Create Table editor for Liblouis
#Create a web version and host it.
#Add more indian languages to Liblouis
#Add facility to write direct braille Unicode characters
#Remove espeak dependency and make accessible via orca itself.
'''Confirmed Mentor''': Samuel Thibault
'''How to contact the mentor''': IRC - youpi on #smc-project on Freenode
'''Expertise required''':
'''What the student will learn'''
== Varnam based ==